Better but…

So I’ve been a bit better. Not AS life altering. Though, as it creeps, I still pray that God have mercy and restore my peace of mind.

Some developments.

EEG, normal.
MRI, normal
EKG, throwing PVC/PACs. Benign.
Echo cardio gram, normal

Waiting for blood tests about dehydration, potassium levels. Etc.

Once those are in, I suspect are the issues with my heart.

Either way, I pick myself up, dust myself off and participate in my marriage and life.

The arrhythmia’s are disturbing to say the least but, two very trusted docs tell me I’m fine, so…I go.

I’ve really worked on stress reduction. Quiet moments with no noise, no upsetting TV, prayer and trying to do right. Still not much sugar, no caffeine and eating better. Down 15 pounds and tomorrow, I’ll start exercising again. Regularly.

Some say I’ve wasted medical time and money. How do you know until they complete testing? If I was diagnosed with a terminal Illness because of these tests, would that be okay?

My illness is extreme stress for too many years. I am hopefully catching it before its done permanent damage.

I’ve started looking for other jobs. Less pay is fine. I want Monday through Friday, daytime hours with weekends off (mostly). 2 full days off in a row to decompress!

I’ll settle for nothing less. In the meantime, I’ll take my days off and I’ll work on letting people be human. Make mistakes without me getting angry (never treating them poorly, I absorbed it quietly).

Letting people…be.

I haven’t been back to yoga yet. My schedule with doctor appointments has been too full. I will get there! It calms me. Centers me…

One other thing…

I found a website that has helped SO much. Panic End. It’s amazing. It’s everything we know, but put in a reassuring and calming way. It makes sense and says to head straight into your panic. Dare it to kill you. I’ve done it and, it works. I’m not “cured” yet, but I’m practicing it and hoping one day I end it. It has lessened the attacks and in a few cases, they. Vanished like a shadow in the daylight. I have hope where once it was lost….

Go there too. Try it as well!
Panic End

He is not selling a single thing!


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