One day….

One day we will stop and remember a time when we had trouble making it minute by minute, hour by hour.

One day we will look up from a task and smile. No one will know why, but we will.

We will smile because it’s gone. It’s been gone and we were too busy to notice when it left.

Panic will be that nosy neighbor that moved one weekend while we were out of town.

Panic will be that old suit we donated to Goodwill. We never really liked it anyway. It was SO uncomfortable and cost way too much!

One day we will be able to take a breath and not worry what that little discomfort was.

One Day we will run up the stairs and not count each beat of our heart while waiting for chest pain or a skipped beat because we are healthy and the sensations we are feeling are normal.

One day we will not feel doom set in while enjoying a quiet evening.

One day…

We will have our life back, but it will be even better because we know the pain of losing it.

One Day….


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