Another close call

I went to bed with muscle twitching in my shin and various places. I woke up with a few here and there so, I googled.

Googling is a method that those with panic use to research new ways to drive their panic to an even greater level.

I was researching vitamin deficits. Calcium, maybe. B12, possibly.

Disclaimer that twitching could be a symptom of an underlying medical condition such as Parkinsons, oh my God, I might have Parkinsons!

On to the Mayo Clinic where I will diagnose myself. Tomorrow is Monday, I will begin testing this week…..

As I read the symptoms, I am relieved. No Parkinsons symptom matches. Now I feel guilty. Others that have REAL issues are waking up today with a heavy heart because they DO have problems.

I say a prayer and wonder where in the hell my mind went south.

I used to be strong. Oblivious to
aches and pains. Twitches were amusing then. Not some source of medical education.

I’m here mustering the courage to get up and meet my friends for a biking date I insisted on….but my occasional chest pain (benign and tension induced) have me worried. Though, I’ve been given a clean bill of health by my doctors.

I need to leave in a few minutes and am in bed.

God give me strength to push through.

I hope I re-emerge some day. This whiner that has replaced me sucks.


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