It just takes one little thing…

Have you ever noticed that it just takes us 1 minor event to flip into a tailspin?

Mine was a text on my spouses phone from someone whom we clearly did not know.

When the stranger was told, sorry, you have the wrong number, they replied, ” No I don’t”.

That was it. I was nervous.

What do you mean “No I don’t”? Look at the number fool. They didn’t respond after “Sorry, I don’t know who you are”, so they must have realized they really didn’t but I was left in a snit.

I’m worst case. Always.

It’s a stalker. Killer or worse! Every stinking time.

As I reassure myself that they are not sitting outside my house texting us, my PAC/PVC activity in my heart starts.

I’ve learned stress and anxiety/panic increase the amount I feel or have. This does not calm me or them down.

I’m off and running for the rest of the day. Stupid.

What needed to be a calm and quiet afternoon before I venture back to the hell hole, has been full of stress and blips of panic with a side of skin crawling anxiety.

In the tub I go.

The fact that its firework season has not helped. I have no solitude at the moment but will find some. I have to!!


One thought on “It just takes one little thing…

  1. I’m completely with you. If someone is late to meet me I assume that they’re dead. When someone I know leaves a to oicemail.I assume it’s bad news. Tailspin is the perfect word for it. Good luck!

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