I almost died…again

As a young child of maybe 8 or 9, I was running around after school barefoot. I was (am) always barefoot.

Well I stepped on a bee. I recall my foot blowing up and not being able to walk for a few days. My mother through out my life told me I was allergic to bees. So goes a life of bee worry.

Last night I was in my yard, barefoot and yes….a bee chose death and stung me.

Immediately I begin to panic. Self-checking my breathing, airway, heart…etc.

I then ran to the tub and soaked my foot in Epson salts while I Googled my fate.

At one point I felt poorly, went to sit on the couch while my family was eating dinner. I had to lay down.

“I don’t feel well…I think somethings wrong”…

So my spouse, clearly irritated went into the kitchen and put away the grilled food and grabbed keys saying, “okay, let’s go”.

That would have been okay but while grilling, liquor was at hand and we don’t drink and drive in my house.

I of course have panic symptoms that mimic drinking…so no, I refuse to drink.

I decided to run up and take my blood pressure for a bit. It was, as you can imagine, elevated.

“Oh God, I knew it. Guess I’m finally going to really die. Okay, then let’s just do it.”


I recheck my pressure. Better. Hmm. Okay, let’s be calm and check it again while I have spasms on my side, chest pain and vertigo like crazy.

Elevated. Let’s try again and again…while I consult my “fellow doctors” at the Mayo Clinic.

My co-workers post that a severe reaction generally takes place within an hour of the sting.

Oh God here it comes….

“What if” I’m the super rare delayed reaction?

Well, then I hope I go quietly and unaware in my sleep.

I relax a little because I realize that I can never win money in the Powerball, so I’m not that rare person amongst all those millions.

Pressure is down.

Now, a NORMAL person would feel better and go on. I’m not and I don’t.

“What if” my blood pressure is headed down? That’s a symptom.

Pressure up a bit. Hmm..Nope. should be okay.

I make the recommended paste of baking soda and water and continue to monitor my condition.

By 11:30p I was so distracted by calming all of my dogs during all of the rampant fireworks, I forgot I was dying. I’m a terrible doctor.

I have left over PVC/PAC surges a few times through the day. A few attention getters but nothing too wicked so who knows.

Oddly, for someone so deathly allergic to bees (not being ungrateful I SWEAR!), I have no pain and the swelling is mostly gone. A little achey in my joints but I haven’t Googled that yet because I had a big boxing workout Tuesday. Typically I have issues two days later. I’ll keep my eye on it and reevaluate it over the next few days.

So what have I learned?

Well, at this moment, this time, I’m mildly allergic to a sting. Id like that not to change….

I learned that panic is alive and well within. I was believing I was coming out of the storm. I still think I’m slowly improving but it takes a nano instant to drop kick me right back to the starting line.

I learned that death wasn’t ready yesterday. I’m grateful!

I also learned I detest my loud and obnoxious neighbors and their desire to blow up their much fought about and greatly needed funds with a gazillion different house thumping, dog upsetting fireworks that are STILL littering the street.

I suppose I shouldn’t have played my car radio very loudly at the crack of dawn this morning when I had to get up and go to work while YOU sleep in because you are unemployed and refuse to work because you make more money on assistance than you do working….

I try to live a harmless life, sure wish others felt that way….


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