Like a mouse on a sticky trap

That’s how I have started my morning.

Every night I go to bed hoping the morning will bring peace. Rare mornings, it does. Most mornings, my anxiety is churning before I have even regained awareness.

I had a rough night last night. Woke up a lot and toiled when I did.

This morning I don’t have to work. But I still feel as if I do. That “work knot” is looming like I have to be there today.

I would love to just quit the dungeon. Walk in, flip my crap on the desk and leave. I bet it would be amazing. I wonder if the lid that cages my panic would blow off, releasing my agony into the wild.

However, my house is a single income home while my spouse is unemployed so I am tied up. I’m stuck.

That’s when it dawned on me as I lay here in the early morning worrying that another day off will be spent in turmoil….

My job makes me feel like I am a doomed mouse on a sticky trap.


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