Great news

I haven’t passed away yet and the Internet doctor concurred with my diagnosis of a pinched nerve. Perhaps I’ll see the morning after all.

I am currently back in the tub after writing my farewell “If I am dead – READ” letter.

Have one? You should. However I should warn you ~ it’s very stressful to write.

I included it all. My company, my boss, the dysfunction that is running wild. But I was respectful at the same time. After all, it’s the last thing I’ll have to say. I don’t want to slay you, I want you to absorb what I have said and then be a better person for it.

Like my observations are all that matter or something…

I contacted an Internet shrink.

Dr. I was pretty accurate but no quick fixes out of this torture dungeon. He said I have developed hypochondria, or my panic developed because of it.

I do believe panic started it first. Hypochondria was just minding its own business when panic started provoking it. Of course hypochondria is going to fight back.

If I were in charge, I would terminate both of them.

I’ll have to review what Dr. I said again and discuss it. He made some very valid points and suggestions. I’d like him to fly here and live in my house until I am fully recovered.

Today has been a beast because even on my day off I am hounded by calls, emails and texts from work.

My boss was demeaning…again. Accusatory… I called her on it.

In emails she likes to be a tough cookie. On the phone or in person, she back peddles and is clearly uncomfortable dealing with me even though I am always professional but can be firm.

Sometimes I think the others or likely the Director put her up to the silly things she says or does. They clearly don’t come from her. She has no umph but that’s how she always wants to come at me. I wonder if the Director does it like a puppet show because she just doesn’t allow people to do things without her control.

I hate that place. They’re a terrible culture and a non-profit with good potential too, such a travesty.


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