Bubbles can be annoying

This morning I woke up. 6am. I always get up around 6am, even when I don’t have to work.

I always lie there for a minute and get a feel for my surroundings. My body check of the morning reports a heart beating and for a minute I wonder if its beating TOO hard…and off I go.

I start to bubble with a hint of anxiety as I remind myself that the ONLY time my blood pressure is an issue is when I give myself an anxiety or panic attack.

I always want to wake up and be cured. No more fretting and no more chaos. Every morning I open my eyes and….start to bubble.

It’s not a bubble about a specific thing rather a large collection I’ve put together over the last few months.

It started and is aggravated by my work and the people that are in positions of power. Well, semi-power.

Now its just a free for all.

I can’t get irritated or have a disagreement because it sets of anxiety, panic and heart thumps, which sets off more of all of the same.

If something startles me, same reaction. It’s really quite annoying.

So I get up, shower, lay back down and get centered. I get up, get dressed, lay back down and get centered. I do everything in stages until it comes time I’m not able to lay back down and I’m forced to leave.

It doesn’t stop there because I do it at work as well. I do a job, return to my office and sit down. Get centered, get up, do a job and repeat.

It’s annoying. What ever happened to just going about your day?!


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