Director, her Egor and meetings are a recipe for disaster

Starting today I have meetings for the rest of the week with the Director and her science project. I am not looking forward to dealing with either of them but I have no way around it.

I WAS doing well this morning, and then I came to work.

Isn’t that the way? We start to crawl out of that hole we have been in. We look around and think, “I could get used to feeling better!” and then we have to return to the very place that is killing our soul.

I’ve applied for another job. They didn’t take it very well. I haven’t heard from the Director yet and not sure I will. I think she will go around the edges trying to damage my credibility and prevent my relocation to another department. It may not even be in the cards in the first place, but she will make sure of it.

Sometimes I wonder what causes people to be so….evil. You were raised by a great man and seem to have a good family. What happened to you? Did your sister get more attention than you? Did your brother get the glory and that is why you silently face off against everyone that you see as a threat? I don’t understand living that way.

I want to enhance the world around me, if I’m allowed. I want to help, if you’ll let me. I want to leave a positive lasting memory, if you’re open to it. I don’t understand anything other than that.

To intentionally attack people when they are not aware and then pretend all is well when you are standing in front of them is a special kind of crazy. It is a special kind of evil. Its plotted and planned. Its creepy. So really, the Director is a creeper. She creeps along the edges watching, seething and manipulating.

It gives me a visual of some dark sunken eyed monster with fangs and long scraggly black hair. Big bulging eyes walking slowly and steadily while drooling and making hissing noises, circling around a group of people, standing just out of eyesight in the shadows…..


So, off to my meetings I go. Wish me luck because the Director may need it…..


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