Second opinion and new hope?

So I saw another Cardiovascular Doc yesterday. He instantly outshined my first one.

He was present for each test. He reviewed my information right away, WITH me.

The end result is, he concurred with Dr. 1. I have harmless PVC and PAC heart activity.

My tests all looked great said I was very healthy. Lose some pounds, become even more healthy.

I could have leaped off of the table and hugged him, had I not been wearing a gown, open in the front and taped shut…

He did prescribe a beta blocker but said I would have to take my bp several times s day because my heart rate and bp are say an athletic level so passing out is a possibility.

Upon much reflection I have chosen not to take it. If I’m healthy, then I can put up with the tunks.

So off I went, a new lease on life. Chest pain and all.

So I’m in this awkward place. I still have anxiety and had a wave of panic. After all, I’m still under the rule of the Director and her Egor. (I really need a new reference. This one seems so mean…suggestions welcome)

I went to HR yesterday to go.d out about another issue and wound up spilling everything. I’m glad someone outside of my department knows but also said I don’t expect anyone to do anything about it because after all, the Director has high ranking relations in the company. We are all screwed.

So here I sit. New dawn of a new day or new dawn of a “typical” day?

Health panic aside, I still have to enter the tomb of defeat (work) but I’m trying to be positive….until they find out and beat it out of me…..again.


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