My days are chaotic right now. I’m in a new place at work that is a mess.

I had a huge blow out with the Director last week. She spent about 15 minutes literally screaming on the phone at me because I dare confront her about gossiping about my personal information…again.

She always says things like, “Did I…., maybe. Maybe I was mad at you. Maybe you irritated me that day.” and then seems bewildered as to why that’s not acceptable, especially at her level of employment.

I talked with her boss who tries to keep reassuring me that she is working on the problem…..but, she’s stuck too. Directors Dad is everyone’s boss….so….who can reign her in? No one because he’s the one that has created this mess for our company.

In the meantime, I am sure the Director, with her lack of boundries and blurred sense of morals, will be plotting ways to get back at me any way she can. If that includes losing my job, then she wouldn’t blink.

On the anxiety front, its been okay. Oddly. Not solved, just tolerable-ish. Probably because I’m angry. When you’re angry, anxiety and panic seem to know to stay away.

I’m a tad worried about what happens when my anger fades. Will I be overrun with symptoms? Its a terrifying thought….


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