Smart people…and me

Yesterday I counseled an employee from another part of the company.

She was in my area helping out and looked like she had been crying.

I took her to the office where she poured out her problems.

It seems our company destroys lower level workers too.

She suffers from panic and anxiety. She’s developed it over the last few months.

Her manager, a friend of one of the mean girls apparently treats her employees like they do.

She said she’s fearful that she will lose her job because her manager doesn’t like her. She started getting anxiety when it came time to go to work and while at work because her manager treats her like she doesn’t matter.

Granted, this is one sided but isn’t it amazing how it resonates?

Though I didn’t go in to any discussions about that manager or those things I did offer her advice.

She said she wanted to transfer to another area but her manager was mad and said as long as she needs people, this employee wasn’t going any where.

I guess we would rather lose them than treat them fairly.

I advised her to get with her doctor to discuss the anxiety and panic. I gave her a number for Therapist and suggested she put in for that transfer, if that’s what she wanted, because at the end of the day – this company doesn’t matter as much as her health and well being do.

I let her leave a few hours early, which she was terrified to do for fear her boss would be angry. I assured her it was between the two of us. She wouldn’t be paid but she could leave.

I refrained from suggesting she seek outside employment though, that’s really what I wanted to do….she is at a level within the company that really, should be buffered from this type of fear. It’s pathetic to see.

She is supposed to come help us today. I’m hoping she was able to see her doctor and feels like she has a path.

As I reflect on the conversation….as I reread my own posts….

I wish I could take my own advice and get out.

I’ve put applications out there. Nothing except a few rejections. I’m going to search for a good résumé writer today. Maybe it’s something in my wording.

When I’ve reread some previous posts I always feel bad. I try to imagine if I were detached from the situation, a stranger, what would I think?

I always settle on “Get the hell out of there they are poison!”

When you’re the major financial contributor, it’s easier said than done.

A friend in another department is leaving. They treated her better than they do me but still poorly. She turned in notice. She’s elated and I’m happy for her. She is getting out before she has too much invested. She’s getting out before they’ve beaten her down to the point of no return. She’s smarter than I. That’s for sure!!

So, again, I sit here..dreading my day.

I have to contact my boss about an issue. I don’t want to.

I really just want to toss my key on the desk and walk away without a word.


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