A guide

Today my Doc said I was made well. He wants me to believe it.

I would like to. I hope to. Someday I know I will.

We talked for a long while about the paths we take in life. He urged me to get on my natural path. Take a leap of faith. Strike out on my adventure and serve others.

He hopes I will. I do too.

You see, I’ve had highs and lows this year. Panic grabbed me like a Lion killing its prey. I fought back and thought I was on the mend when it brought its pack to help finish me off.

I’m somewhat home bound now. I’ve slid down that slippery slope. Once you start sinking into the mud, gravity pulls you further down the hill. You fight to get up but can’t. It’s too steep, to slippery….too far. So you sit down. You give up. You wait.

While sitting and waiting, you wonder how you got here.

You were strong. Invincible. Smart and adaptable.

Then your doctor creeps into your head.

“Take that leap of faith!” He insists.

You want to but fear…it has you tight.

The world isn’t the same place it was a few years ago. It’s changed. You’ve changed.

You spend time trying to prove your value in a company that doesn’t care. You lose a piece of your soul.

You spend your time trying to help others. They use you. Turn on you. You lose a piece of your soul.

You spend your time being firm. Being direct. Being rigid. You lose a piece of your soul.

Well, now you’re sitting on that slippery slope. Sitting, watching, waiting for those pieces of your soul to return.

“You can’t wait forever!” Your doctor scolds. “Get up and get moving. Life doesn’t care if you’re upset today!”

Life will also keep moving without you.

Today may be a setback but you still have to keep trying.


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