Ray of hope with a chaser of fear

In life, nothing is a guarantee. Nothing.

Today I had the more rewarding version of that phrase.

My morning was filled with stress and worry. My mid-afternoon was….helpful.

Two people whom I have known for years spent some of their valued time listening today. It was helpful to me and I hope reassuring for them.

Time after a conversation tends to tick the value away from these types of moments but my hope is that for once, it doesn’t.

You just never know. That’s when worry sets in.

Is it as helpful this moment as it was earlier? Sometimes these moments have happened only to have after thoughts and space change the context of meetings, meanings and words. By the time you meet again; it’s like a different conversation happened. Your words were dissected and rearranged. Your meaning was altered and crammed into a different context.

Worry tells you to stay vigilant. Remember that this or that has happened many times before….

But you really want to believe, each time, that THIS time is different!

I was handed a ray of hope today. I’d really like to keep it safe and sound. Intact and untarnished. Just this once.

Just, this, once.


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