You really suck but I’d still help

I was woken from a dead sleep. It was so sound and I was bummed to have woken from it.

My sleep has never been stellar throughout life but since being fired, it’s less restful and certainly less in hours.

I woke for another issue and as I was trying to sleep, my dastardly bosses popped in my head.

People are pushing me hard to sue not only my employer but several people individually.

I hate that the world allows these people the ability to cause such havoc. I hate that as an employee (former) I would have been given cause.

One might think I’m awake because I’m upset I was let go when really, I’m awake because I’m still struggling with the way they treated me.

Different scenarios have replayed in my head and I wonder how I could have allowed them that power. Why I didn’t file a grievance or file a formal complaint as soon as I returned from FMLA.

I guess I thought they would lose interest.

Silly me.

I think about how much they probably plotted and think how low they really are. I’m sure if the truth is ever told, they are much more dastardly, unethical and evil than anyone realizes.

The stupid thing? The really ignorant part of me?

If I saw any of them stranded on the side of the road in a blizzard…..I would stop to help.

Despite how trashy and corrupt they are – I believe in helping others. Even if you don’t want to – even if it’s them.

Their lowly behavior and skewed beliefs don’t change who I am as a person and I am someone that helps.

So as these events pop up I try to put it in a place that is positive.

I pray a lot and know God will help me determine the right way to go.

In the meantime, I need to sleep!


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