Spinning Spinning

I am waiting for spouse to finish with the doc. Big expensive waiting room with waterfall and coffee bar….when this guy walks in.

I glance at him and as the room shifts I realize he is from my precious work. Things start to spin and my heart speeds up.

I never had any issues with him so it can’t be anything personal. It’s likely what he represents.

The room continues to shift and twist as I try to regain control.

Is it ALWAYS going to be this way? Run into someone or something connected with that place and things go wild?

I sure hope not because it’s a pretty large company and I was there almost a decade…that’s a lot of people to run into.

I need to ask therapist about PTSD from work because it’s just too coincidental that EVERY TIME I run into something or someone – I have a reaction like this.

My day is typically shot trying to regain control over my symptoms. I hope that doesn’t happen today!


2 thoughts on “Spinning Spinning

  1. I like your style, and I can certainly appreciate what you’re going through. I’m excited to follow your blog, however, I won’t always be able to read every entry because my anxiety is actually quite easily triggered. It’s like when you see someone yawn and you yawn. I see someone experiencing anxiety, and mine’s like “Ooh, let’s join the party!” Lol. Hope you have a great day.

    • I certainly understand! Panic and anxiety are the only things you can catch through words. I have to manage my issues the same way. I am sorry you have to deal with this stuff. It certainly sucks!

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