Skipping Along

Today I meet with a legal eagle to go over the last stampede at my former employers House of Torture and talk about the Mistresses of Destruction.

I’m not looking forward to it.

See, I am not someone who wants to churn the cauldron. I like things to be busy but harmonious. Well, as harmonious as you can get when you throw dozens of people in the mix.

I think about going to court and feel a deep and total sadness.

Then my heart starts skipping and skidding as it’s done during the entire last leg of my employment but rarely since leaving…unless I am forced to discuss or deal with them in any way shape or form. Again I will say, I have a wicked bosses/employer form of PTSD.

As I’m wrestling with my arrhythmia – I become a little displeased.

I’ve had stress in my life at one time or another but never once did my body and mind react like this.

My previous employment include working with very unpredictable violent folks and I never had the issues I do now.

That says a lot.

My medical bills exploded while my self esteem died.

So, yes, I’ll keep the appointment with the legal enforcer but only because you’ve stolen my life by thinking work is your personal playground where you can steal lunches and kick sand in faces of people that don’t cower when you walk by.

I’ll consider the options you laid before me by your wrong doing because my life as I knew it – is over.

Most states may be a at will employment but employees also have the right to stand up and say “No, that was wrong. You are wrong and here’s what needs to happen so you don’t do this again.”

People also need to be held personally accountable. Each of the 3 plus a few that allowed it have also given me options against them personally that I am supposed to consider.

As an employee, you – my boss – are held to certain standards that you repeatedly failed to meet. You chose to make personal attacks and unfortunately, you’ll need to learn to stay within your boundaries professionally and personally.

I’m told that if I attach myself to their assets and income for the next 10 or 15 years – they will learn a lesson no criminal charge can teach.


It saddens me to my core.

It’s not truly going to make up for what they’ve done. It’s not going to give me my self worth back. It’s not going to undo the damage they’ve done. It’s not going to give me the time I’ve lost back and it sure isn’t going to erase the pain and torment.

So I go consider the options while my heart skips and skids around like a teenager in dad’s hot rod doing donuts in an abandoned field and feel bad for being put in that position while I’m also displeased.

I want them and everything connected to them out of my life.

I have a reoccurring thought of saying “go ahead…get that couple million from the company, get that million from each of the dastardly trio, their bosses and board members…..take your fees, pay the court, give me 1% and start writing big checks to good charities for the rest.

In life, there are times there are decisions you have to make that you’d rather not. For me, this is one of those times.

Through this I have been unfortunate enough to hear just how people would respond if they were in my shoes. The majority would go for the jugular for all parties involved and say they wouldn’t bat an eye…..

Am I the only one that wants to cling to the wall as if I’m being put on a deadly roller coaster?

I don’t WILLINGLY want to get into a battle and especially not a battle like this.

All of their dirty laundry will be aired and yes, mine too. I own my mistakes but I’m not sure if they realize that once the truth starts coming out, employees from the past will jump on the coaster and cause it to pick up speed. Anything they have ever done like…..misappropriate resources for personal use…..will surface for all of the world to judge.

I wonder just how many of those incidents are out there….I wonder if you’ll own your mistakes?

So you see, this battle is going to be long and ugly. Yes, they made it happen but as a normal human being, I don’t relish it.

Someone asked, if you go forward and they offer your job back, back pay and can’t touch you ever again…would you do it?


If millions of dollars can’t undo what they’ve done, returning to the scene of the crime with the same executioners sure won’t fix it.

My dream?

Reform. Restitution and accountability.

They have to implement paid outside training for any supervisors at any level that will go over bullying, harassment, managing effectively and be required. Paid training. They would have to report to the courts or watch dog third party who has attended and be required to report any complaints or violations involving the subject matter.

The dastardly duo reenter the hourly employee market as Team Leaders…if they remain employed at all. They are required to attend the classes they helped appear by being terrible people and their wage reflects that of those in the same role.

The leaders that allowed it are terminated with no severance pay. New leaders are chosen 1/2 from within and under review by the watch dog organization – still required to attend classes and the other 1/2 are chosen from outside the company.

Fresh blood is needed to restore order and a sense of ethics. Also under review by the watch dog organization.

All employee complaints go through the watch dog organization.

Pay people you’ve harmed. Be required to make an equal sized donation to the charity of their choice.


The dastardly trio and their bosses…be forced to personally (governed of course) hand write me a check each and every month until your ordered sum is paid – so you have a constant reminder of how your actions can hurt someone. Spelling out my name – will keep your actions in the forefront of your mind and will likely force you to change little by little.


Be forced to make your internal employee complaints public. This will force you to be truly transparent.

All of this wont undo the torment you’ve caused but it will ensure you think twice before you do it again.

Well, here I go…..


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