Exiting Hell

It’s been two months since exiting hell. I’m still trying to get over the things they said or did.

There are moments I’m going about my life and a memory will flash across my minds movie screen.

I’ll relive the moment in vivid detail and become angry that they’ve invaded my space once again.

Moments are still ruined by them. Events are clouded by what they’ve done and daily life is still hindered by having been subjected to them.

As the moments play out I interject a strong objection. I take a tone of discontent during the scenes in an attempt to redirect my attention.

“They are pretty much out of your life. Let this go!”

Sometimes it works while other times it doesn’t.

I think when you’ve been repeatedly victimized by a company, by your leaders – it takes time to compartmentalize the traumas.

They undoubtably would take perverse joy in knowing they’ve continued to invade my dreams and derail my days. I on the other hand would be horrified if the tables were reversed. But, I’m human. They are evil.

Sue – Sue – Sue is all I hear. I understand it but it doesn’t make it any easier.

There is not enough gold, silver, platinum or material objects on this or any other planet to make up for what they’ve been allowed to do or they themselves have done.

They possess nothing to right their wrongs. Firing them and banishing them to a life of poverty and danger wouldn’t undo what they’ve done or been allowed to do.

People assume that means I feel nothing should be awarded to me and that I’m condoning their escape from responsibility. It’s not true.

I’ll likely seek “restitution” based on principal. I know money is their entire reason for breathing. They crave it. They will destroy someone to get more of it. So….it makes sense to punish them in a lasting and effective way.

A percent of your assets, your income and your future will be given to me.

Every time you write that check, you’ll remember that your actions require editing. Your work – regardless of who your father, sister or buddy is – isn’t your personal playground. It carries real life consequences.

Think before you do. Ask questions before you believe and above all, form your own opinions. Gang mentality is unattractive and incredibly damaging.

Someday they will grow up and the “mean girl” mentality will fade away. Or, karma will kick in and they will be subjected to the very treatment they have inflicted.


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