3:30 A.M. Wake Up

Yep – it’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m awake.

A random need to go outside from one of the dogs pushed my feet to the floor and started the activation process in my mind.

A dream followed me to the door. It was them. They visit me often. It wasn’t bad enough they taunted me while I worked there but they continue to harass my sleep as well.

Once in a while I get lucky and they are unable to find their way into my nightly movie.

Usually, they can.

This morning was much of the same. Being so stuck that all I could do was watch them weave their webs of lies while I stood helplessly by.

I try to shake the intense grip that victimization has on me but it just digs in deeper.

“Why did the execs choose to believe them without even asking me a single thing?”

“Why were they allowed to get away with it?!”

“Why doesn’t someone see how they’ve set up this web of protection by making family all key positions?”

I really want someone from the outside to really dig in and see what they do. To penetrate the armor and get a good look at how they operate…understand what I went through.

I lay here as a victim of their torment trying to make even just a touch of sense of it all so I can live my life.

I didn’t deserve what they did to me.

My hopes are that the governing bodies are able to see past the smoke and mirrors they are so good at creating and level the boom of justice on each and every one of them.


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